Self care Sunday #BEDN

What do you consider to be self care?  An easy day at home, laying in bed reading the Sunday papers then a trip out for a pub lunch. Or could it be all about a home spa, laying in the bath with something from Lush fizzing in the hot water ( a bath bomb ) . After the bath, some nice rich body lotion, facial, manicure and whatever else you wish to do to make yourself feel indulge and really cared for. Then a trip to the pub for lunch,  just joking (unless that’s your preference).  Self care Sunday can be anything you want it to be, as long as you feel like it’s what makes you feel special. The concept of caring for yourself is unfortunately not something that everyone can or even think about doing, a lot more people work on Sunday now. Others have life’s that don’t give them time for much self care, having other people or children to care for. It seems a shame though doesn’t it, that someone can’t even grab an hour for themselves. Although even a quiet hour or so with a book or magazine, with a cup of tea or coffee, can help a busy overworked mum feel a grateful for a piece of time for themselves, a nice slice of cake will always add to the self caring feeling as well. Well however you indulge yourself on Sunday’s, don’t feel guilty or selfish, that is the main point I would like to emphasis. We all deserve some me time on Sunday, to prepare for the week ahead. 


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Fireworks night 

A brief overview of what Fireworks night is about.

Guy Fawkes born April 13th 1570 in York 

Died January 31st 1606 at Westminster.

In 1604 Fawkes joined a group of English Catholics, their leader was Robert Catesby. Catesbys plan was to assassinate King James ( a Protestant). After the assassination the idea was to put his daughter (3rd in line of succession) Princess Elizabeth onto the throne of England.

What Was Guy like.

According to the author Antonia Fraser, Fawkes was “a tall, powerful built man, with thick reddish-brown hair, a flowing moustache in the tradition of the time, and a reddish-brown beard,” he was “a man of action, capable of intelligent argument as well as physical endurance, somewhat to the surprise of his enemies”. 

The failure of the gunpowder plot.

After all of the planning and plotting, Fawkes was discovered leaving the cellar ( under Parliament), just after midnight, where he was arrested. The discovery of barrels of gunpowder in the cellar sealed Guys fate.

I won’t go into the gory details about Fawkes torture and execution. But what amazes me and probably a lot of people, is why the event, after 400 years is still celebrated throughout England. When I was a child myself and many other childre did this, we made Guys, then carried them or pushed them in pushchairs asking people for a penny for the guy. Unfortunately the only time I did it my parents caught me, I was unceremoniously taken home and grounded for a few weeks. It is quite a dangerous practice, of which we never witness these days ( this makes me feel old).

Personally I don’t like bonfire/ fireworks night, apart from the fact the noises terrify my dog,it is such a dangerous pastime. I’m not a killjoy, I think they should be held at organised displays. Or just stop celebrating Guy Fawkes capture and death altogether.

Get to #BEDM

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Blog every day in November 

Rosalilium blog has set a wonderful challenge, Blog every day in November. I have decided to take up the challenge, too get me into the blogging groove again and get motivated to work on my blog, all due to the great blog, Rosalilium. I am an artist and illustrator, so writing isn’t my forte, but hey after following blogs such as Rosalilium who could not be inspired to try. I have started a bit late, but that’s me, always the last too get going on something. I am also not that tech savvy, but I will do my best, this should be good practice. I will start tomorrow on the topic of the day, which I believe is Fireworks. Their will be illustration and words on this topic,I won’t say anymore now,you will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m so grateful to Rosalilium for this opportunity wish this newbie luck.

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What is she thinking?

Here is a watercolour sketch I did of a woman who looks deep in thought, I wonder what she is thinking, can you try and guess. We all have times when we’re deep in thought, sometimes we can become oblivious to the world around us, time passes unnoticed, and the more we worry the deeper we go into our minds. Do you find that this is a good solution for any particular problems you may have or would meditation work better, you know , clear the mind instead of struggling with a continuous onslaught of thoughts, all fighting for dominance. Well whatever the choice you make is entirely personal, but I still would like to know what she is thinking. 


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Here are some photos I took in Paris, this was in the Louvre  

That bath is amazing don’t you think, look how deep it is. It must have taken forever to fill up, and look at the feet. Can you imagine how it would have been received back, all those years ago, it is awesome now so way back then, I can’t begin to describe the feelings it must have inspired in those folks. Apart from anything else it must weighed tons, and whoevers bath it was, must have been very wealthy. It really gives us a glimpse, into the lives that the wealthiest people lead back then. It’s design is very reminiscent of baths made during Victorian times, with its free standing claw footed style, and of course this style of bath is still in fashion now. It really is something else, don’t you think?

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Hi everyone , I have been away for a while , but I’ve returned to my Blog. It’s fairly hard to do blogging when I’ve not got many followers, but instead of just giving up I feel determined to make a real go at it. So I am relaunchzing the blog now. 

I just came back from a week in Paris , wow what an amazing place it is, I really feel that Paris has inspired me to try and get blogging more, so here I am. Firstly I must tell you that I went to the Lourve to see the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, it’s one of those things that I felt I had to do whilst I was in Paris. 



  • As you can see the area around the painting was very crowded there were a lot more people  in the gallery than what you can see in this photo, but I did manage to get to the front where I got a better view. It was definitely worth battling with the crowd to see the painting close up.
  • Next I saw the Venus de Milo which was less crowded, an absolutely beautiful sculpture, as with the Mona Lisa, an iconic piece of art that we have all seen in books over the years,but always a real thrill to see the real thing .   

These were not the only artworks I saw there, I viewed many more but I feel that the most famous ones have to be acknowledged, mainly because most people would go straight to see them on entering the gallery. I hope you enjoyed this latest newsletter from me, I will continue with my adventures in Paris tomorrow. Also I will be posting some artwork I have been doing. Also I will be holding a competition soon with a lovely book to win, so keep checking into my blog, don’t miss the chance of winning.

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Some new artworks by myself 

Here’s a few things I have been working on lately hope you like them. Do you recognise Anna Wintour, she looks so serious, glad she’s not my boss. The others are just little pieces I did for fun.


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A quick water colour sketch 


Here is a water colour of Anna Wintour, at a fashion show. I will show some of my work as well as continuing with the New Zealand work I saw, but it is about time I started to put some of my paintings out there, and try to build up some confidence. I want to do a series of fashion related art, when I say fashion that could involve famous fashion cities as well, I will see were this takes me. Excuse the not so good lighting on these paintings as the light is artificial. I must start taking pictures in the day light,so that the colours are more true. I will be selling some of the art I do, and there is a competition coming up soon so keep checking in. I hope you enjoy my work and I would like to see some of my followers work , maybe I have inspired you to do something fashion related    this could be famous fashion people or handbags or shoes, and they could be iconic or less known or something you made up. Anyway I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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Wahiki Sculpture Trail.


This sculpture is by Anah Dunsheath, it is called My Pic Is My Bond  

Anah was born in Auckland, were she lives and works. Her work is very strong and powerful, this piece references the human interaction and relationship with popular culture, the viewer can see how the sculpture points to the selfie and what it represents to the artist and the viewer of the artwork itself. Here are some quotes from the official catalog of the trail, referring to this amazing piece of art. ” Celebrity selfies are all the rage, hitting the headlines,…. Forget the stage!

What better method to prove you were there? Show the world?,… Go ‘viral’, then loud and clear!

Bond land, sea and sky,… But minus the birds, a picture, yes,… Worth a thousand words!

Next time we will look at this sculpture, yes it is a sculpture! 


Denis O’Connor- The Archive Wine Bar.

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Apart from the Sculpture Trail Wahiki is an incredibly beautiful Island, I spent the day there with some good friends. They actually took me there knowing I’m an Artist and interested in any form of Art, what a brilliant idea that was. We walked the Trail ( a lot of walking) after we went to a big marquee, there was music, food and fine New Zealand wine. After lunch we walked to a small part of Wahiki to look at the local shops, then caught a bus which took us to the ferry for the mainland. A truly memorable day. Here’s some photos of Wahiki.

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